At the age of four, Sean decided that his best friends lived in England and never had to go to school. He told his parents and older brother that he got frequent letters from them detailing their lives as being full of nothing but play and leisure. You might think that he knew what he wanted at a young age, or that he just had too much time on his hands,(he would agree with the latter)but one thing was pretty certain. Story was always going to be a big part of his life. 

Sean’s passion and desire to tell stories led him to study Broadcasting in Hamilton, Ontario. There, after dabbling with more technical tools of the trade he switched his focus and began producing music videos and tour documentaries. He stayed in this path for some time, working freelance as a unit manager and assistant director on commercials, feature films, and documentaries. However, writing was never completely off his radar.

Taking a more journalistic approach, Sean was a contributor and editor for two music websites providing album reviews, news, and opinion pieces on the industry. After receiving great feedback for the short film “Ripping Yarn” Sean teamed up with long-time friend Alistair Bottomley and the two began to work on a slew of projects together. From those collaborations came three children’s novels, a television pilot, and two short films.

Sean’s style and approach to story is conversational and passionate. Whether he is writing a personal story or dialogue for a corporate commercial, he maintains a great deal of respect for his subject while having the ability to bring his style to the material. He grew up loving great characters and stories and it’s that drive to provide readers with the same feelings that permeates his work.

Sean currently resides in Guelph, Ontario and continues to work freelance in film/television. His current project is a collection of short stories entitled “Tales of Imaginary Rebellion” that will be available online in the fall of 2011.

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